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FobToronto 47 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y 2R4 Toronto, Ontario (416) 931-0225\ FobToronto key fob copying service is the #1 most trusted service in downtown Toronto, started in Vancouver. We support 80+ models of key fobs in RFID format. We help client get their key fobs for hundreds of dollars less than what their management charges, and we provide lifetime warranty as well to ensure everything works well years into the future. Apartments, condos, and office buildings have key fobs that management takes weeks or even months to process sending out fobs for, and we get it done and copied right on the spot in minutes right at our downtown storefront open 10 to 7 daily. Please come by if you, a property manager, friend, family member would like an extra key fob copied for their needs. Whether it be for emergency purposes and getting locked out, or for any other reason, we can get it made with our state of the art key fobs that are thin and durable with high quality PVC plastic.

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